Performance Hosting on a Budget: Lightning Fast, Scalable Web Sites with Redis, Varnish & CloudFlare Railgun

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Performance Hosting on a Budget: Lightning Fast, Scalable Web Sites with Redis, Varnish & CloudFlare Railgun

Warning: this is a long read. We make no apologies about it. What we cover in this post tries to explain in as simple terms as possible what it takes to optimise a web site so that it is lightning fast and scalable to handle very high numbers of visitors. The techniques we use are applicable to most applications our customers usually build their sites on, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, amongst others. What’s more, these techniques enable you to increase speed and capacity without great expense.

This isn’t so much of a technical rundown for industry experts, but moreover, it’s aimed at web site owners. If you run a web site that is either growing in popularity, likely to need to handle a high surge of traffic very rapidly, or which you simply want running at lightning fast speeds, this post will give you the basic understanding of what is involved.

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” Released: What’s New?


WordPress 4.6 known as “Pepper” in honour of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, was just released and is now available for download, installing through Softaculous or as an update in your existing WordPress dashboard.

It is the second major release of the year 2016, and delivers some exciting new improvements, as well as it fixes several bugs.

The new features in version 4.6 will help you to focus on the essential things while feeling more at “home“, as explained by the WordPress crew.

In this article, we will show you what is new in WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” and which features you should try after updating your web sites.

Earth Overshoot Day Arrived Earlier Than Ever

Earth Overshoot Day Arrived Earlier Than Ever

Earth Overshoot Day. It’s not one of those holidays that you’re probably familiar with. It’s far less known than “Pancake Day”, and much less fun than Appreciate a Dragon Day. Unfortunately, it’s significantly more depressing. Earth Overshoot Day marks the day that the world has used as much from nature as the planet is capable of renewing in a whole year. And this year, it arrived far earlier than ever before – five days earlier than in 2015, and eleven days earlier than 2014. The day will most likely have passed you by without notice. Your life will have continued as it did before. Yet this day is a red flag, a warning that we humans are collectively draining the planet of its resources at an ever increasing pace.

We’re on a mission to help charities cut costs and get online. Will you help us?

We’re on a mission to help charities cut costs and get online. Will you help us?

At Kualo, we’ve aimed to have a very straightforward pricing policy for many years. We often get asked by customers for discounts, but our policy has always been a flat no. Aside from introductory promos, everyone pays the same rates. Whether you’re a charity, micro-business or startup – no custom discounts. Fair’s fair, right?

That’s how we always felt, anyway.

And then this happened…

Using GIT to update your website

Using GIT to update your website

Git is a version control system designed for rapid development and is built into most modern development IDEs and consoles. It allows you to manage the changes in a reversible fashion, so you can easily revert bad updates.

Here at Kualo, we love to provide customers with new and efficient ways to get their work done, so we’ve done exactly that. We would recommend that you set up an SSH public key, but you can also use your cPanel password to authenticate over SSH.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to push updates to your website.

Hello Joomla 3.5!

Joomla 3.5

The development of the new Joomla 3.5 started back in November, 2015, and five months later it is official and finally out.

It comes with 34 new functions, and many other improvements.

Main thing about Joomla 3.5? It now fully supports PHP 7, which significantly increases the web site speed!

Recommended WordPress Caching Plugins

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Recommended WordPress Caching Plugins

Caching can significantly increase the performance of your WordPress web site by improving it’s loading time and reducing the generated CPU usage.

As a dynamic content management system (CMS), for every visitor’s request it has to process, WordPress has to connect to it’s database, check if the requested page exists, then output it’s content.

That might not be an issue for web sites that does not receive a lot of traffic, however a sudden spike caused by search engine spiders or just increase in the usual visitors, can quickly cause your WordPress web site to generate high CPU usage on the server, while trying to process needless duplicate requests over and over again.

UK Domain Price Increases



At the end of 2015 Nominet, the official registry for all UK domains, announced that it would be increasing domain pricing to all UK registrars. This increase affects the wholesale price that Kualo and all other domain registries are charged for registering and renewing domain names ending in .uk.