Start Selling Online with ProSite & Ecwid!

Selling online has never been easier.

The Ecwid shopping cart has now been integrated to the ProSite Website Builder. Check out our quick explainer video below to learn more.

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How to migrate from to a self-hosted WordPress install

WordPress comes in two flavours. is a commercial website, where you can host your own website for free, but with limitations. is where you can download and install your own copy of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) software for free and use it’s full powers. is a great starting point for bloggers, but due to it’s limitations it is not the right platform for growth.

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PHP 7 with OpCache Now Available at Kualo


We’re excited to announce that the latest PHP 7 Release Candidate is now available on our shared and reseller hosting, and also any cloud or dedicated servers which utilise our “Hive” PHP selector. PHP 7 is a big milestone in the development of PHP, and it provides significant improvements in performance over other PHP 5.x versions. Continue Reading →

WordPress – Faster, Stronger, Better!

photodune 3517559 idea l

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and is the most popular blogging system in use on the web, in use by more than 60 million websites.

Started as a blogging system, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a powerful platform, that allows you to create personal and business websites, online shops, social media websites, video sharing websites and many more.

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Recreating the Apple web site using ProSite

Last week we introduced you to our new web site builder, ProSite. We package over 170 stunning templates which allow you to build a stunning web site in minutes. However, one of the best things about ProSite is just how flexible and powerful it really is. You can take our templates and really make them your own – fully customising them to create a design that looks exactly how you want it.

To demonstrate this, we challenged ourselves to take one of our existing web site templates and fully customise it to create a design worthy of one the world’s most admired brands: Apple. See how easy it is to add images, adjust menus and tweak the layout of your site right from your browser. Adding slideshows, maps, videos, contact forms and even adding multiple languages are all made effortlessly possible with ProSite’s intuitive drag and drop site editor.

If you’re looking to create a website, ProSite is included free of charge with all of our hosting packages. Try out the online demo yourself – no signup required! If you’re ready to start a web site, sign up for one of our low cost hosting plans today and build a gorgeous web site in no time!

PayPal SHA256 Compatibility

If you use PayPal to process payments for your business, you may have received an E-Mail from them informing you about their upcoming service upgrade:



PayPal is upgrading the SSL certificate used for to SHA-256. This endpoint is also used by merchants using their Instant Payment Notification (IPN) product.

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Introducing the New Kualo ProSite Website Builder

Building your website has never been easier with the release of our new ProSite Website Builder.

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Increased Application Security with Patchman

logoEnsuring the security of our customers’ web sites is a top priority for us at Kualo. In recent years we have been a dramatic increase in malicious attempts to compromise an innocent web site. Generally these “attacks” are by hackers or spammers, who aim to control a web site in order to send out spam, distribute malware or host phishing content, or to use the compromised site to launch attacks on other web sites or servers. Whilst we maintain excellent server-side security, often these attacks continue due to insecurities in customer code which leave a web site vulnerable to attack.

Today we are introducing a new solution, Patchman, to help protect you in the fight against malware, and this email aims to introduce you to the problem and how we are working to help protect the web sites we host.

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EU VAT Changes 2015 – What does it mean for you?

vat2015EU VAT regulations are about to undergo a massive overhaul from 1st January 2015. The change relates specifically to companies that sell “digital services” – web hosting, domain registrations and other such intangible e-services are included in this category. In short, if you are based in the EU and sell digital services to customers who are located in the EU, you should read on!

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Attack of the POODLE: Goodbye, SSL 3.0!

Goodbye SSL 3.0

Online security is a continuously evolving process, and security protocols are improved and developed continuously to keep your data and communications safe. Having been released some 15 years ago, SSL  3.0 is quite the dinosaur. It has been succeeded by TLS for some time now, but SSL 3.0 compatibility has been widely maintained. In the past few days, Bodo Möller of Google’s security team announced that they had discovered a vulnerability in the older SSL 3.0 protocol, codenamed POODLE (or Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, if you’re not into acronyms). This vulnerability allows a hacker to view the plain text contents of secure connections over SSL 3.0. Continue Reading →