Hello Joomla 3.5!

Joomla 3.5

The development of the new Joomla 3.5 started back in November, 2015, and five months later it is official and finally out.

It comes with 34 new functions, and many other improvements.

Main thing about Joomla 3.5? It now fully supports PHP 7, which significantly increases the web site speed!

Recommended WordPress Caching Plugins

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Recommended WordPress Caching Plugins

Caching can significantly increase the performance of your WordPress web site by improving it’s loading time and reducing the generated CPU usage.

As a dynamic content management system (CMS), for every visitor’s request it has to process, WordPress has to connect to it’s database, check if the requested page exists, then output it’s content.

That might not be an issue for web sites that does not receive a lot of traffic, however a sudden spike caused by search engine spiders or just increase in the usual visitors, can quickly cause your WordPress web site to generate high CPU usage on the server, while trying to process needless duplicate requests over and over again.

UK Domain Price Increases



At the end of 2015 Nominet, the official registry for all UK domains, announced that it would be increasing domain pricing to all UK registrars. This increase affects the wholesale price that Kualo and all other domain registries are charged for registering and renewing domain names ending in .uk.

How to Check, Repair and Optimize a Database in cPanel

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How to Check, Repair and Optimize a Database in cPanel

Databases can grow huge in size, especially for blogs, forums and web sites that receive a lot of traffic.

Occasionally, due to software or hardware errors, or bugs in the MySQL database tables, you can come across various issues, such as errors connecting to the database or bad web site performance.

Periodically Checking, Repairing and Optimizing the database will help in preventing such issues, as well as improving the web site performance in general.